About the Test

Why our test is multi-layered

About the Test

We call our test multi-layered because it contains questions from very different fields. Like other tests, it determines 4 main psychological opposed pairs or dichotomies:

E (extroversion – introversion)
N (intuitive – sensing)
T (logical – ethical)
P (irrational – rational)

But this information is not enough for us, and therefore, we have integrated additional questions into the test. Our test is based on the theory of socionics, which has in turn been developed by the mathematician and psychologist Grigoriy Reinin. The Reinin traits take the 8 basic cognitive aspects and compose an additional 11 pairs of opposites.

The Reinin traits

EN (carefree – farsighted)
ET (obstinate – compliant)
EP (static – dynamic)
NT (aristocratic – democratic)
NP (tactical – strategic)
TP (constructivist – emotivist)
ENT (positivist – negativist)
ENP (reasonable – resolute)
ETP (subjectivist – objectivist)
NTP (process – result)
ENTP (questioner – declarer)

These are very important to us as they allow us to determine a person’s actual, original nature as precisely as possible. We have selectively added questions for the most important and most pronounced characteristics.

But that is not all! We’ve also added questions for small groups as well. Namely, the 16 types are in turn divided into smaller groups with 4 members, or quaternions based on similar characteristics. In total, 140 such groups are formed, but we have only used the most pronounced groups: the quadras and the clubs.

All data from responses is analysed with a mathematical model, which results in a test that is highly accurate. The multi-layered test helps us accurately determine our innate psychological nature. This differs substantially from other tests that in large part determine what we have gained during our lives.

We can learn specific skills and improve characteristics that we are actually weak in. But when using them, we will not be truly successful or satisfied. Therefore, it is very important for us to specifically know our inherent strengths and weaknesses, because when we use them properly, we can be truly productive and happy.

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