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The Original Advisor

ENFP personality – The Advisor

To open up our options, it is necessary to create the right relationships!

Original advisors (OA) see people and relations as developing opportunities. Perceive the perspective and likelihood of success of different projects and ventures well. They are even able to guess the subsequent behaviour of people around them. Never miss the opportunity to draw attention to themselves. See the talents as well as weaknesses of others. If they are fascinated by a certain idea, then they will notify everyone about it and will be big proponents of it.

They are very sociable and emotional. In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by other people, they create the necessary relationships. They will be able to find a way to approach almost any person, if needed. This is achieved by using their natural charm and diplomacy. They often make compliments and make other people feel good. At the same time, they can quickly be disappointed in people they like, and because of trying to maintain good relationships with everyone, they fail to keep all of them intact. Sometimes they can chat too much and criticise coarse and impolite people.

When adapting to new situations, OAs behave as strong personalities: leave an impression of nice, decisive, and strong-willed persons and smile at everyone. Daily, however, they hardly use their will apart from in extreme cases, when the situation really requires it. Generally, they cope well with stress and are capable of pulling themselves together in extreme situations and carry out a counter-attack. They love beautiful things and original appearances.

OAs end up being confused by all kinds of laws and regulations and need outside help. They do not like strict rules and limitations that affect their independence. They also have difficulties with understanding different hierarchies and may not always approach higher-level individuals adequately.

To fully enjoy their senses, their attention needs to be drawn to, for example, great music or tasty food. They find it difficult to distinguish between various flavour nuances. OAs love when others take care of them, when they are fed, or when others create comforts for them. They struggle to dress suitably for the weather or to achieve a sense of security. They prefer originality, and they acquire practical techniques through experience.

They need help from others to organise work and understand various technologies. They find it difficult to answer the question “What to do?”, but once they have learnt the methodology of executing something, then they follow it exactly. It is difficult for them to be constantly organised and businesslike. Sometimes they lack enough patience and diligence, which is why they can sometimes leave things unfinished. OAs feel good if they manage to do something useful or be efficient.

By their very nature, they are fast players and are able to establish a lot of contacts and be in different places within a short space of time. Nevertheless, they are chronically late. If they find themselves in a tense situation, they limit others with expressions: “I don’t have any time to think about this now!” or “I can’t right now!”. They have a tendency to deviate from the main activity, and therefore, may not complete their things on time.

They often express their emotions strongly and without filters. If OAs advertise something, they are very successful – it is hard to resist their infectious mood. They recognize others’ mood impeccably well, being able to judge it only from the tone of their voice. To adjust the mood of others, they can change their own mood without much fuss. Being emotional themselves, they need a constant stream of new impressions. If they fail, they feel very negative at first, but that doesn’t last for long.

Original advisors infect other people with their mood, see opportunities in others, and are always ready to communicate.


Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field: humanitarian field
Incentive for acting: uniqueness, unusualness

Famous people:
Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightley, Alicia Silverstone, Jenna Elfman, Sharon Stone

Richard Gere, Paulo Coelho, Brad Pitt, Pierre Richard, Mark Twain, Jackie Chan, Robin Williams, Walt Disney, Salvador Dali

Other abbreviations: ENFP, IEE, Huxley, NeFi

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