ENFP relationships

ENFP relationships

The Advisor (ENFP) is one of the most active communicators. Therefore, ENFP relationships are diverse, and there are a lot of them. His world consists mostly of relationships. Since this aspect of the relationship lies in the most creative place in the psyche, the scale of his associations is large.

He has superficial relationships that he has created for some reason known only to him. There are more close relationships and, of course, deep relationships for the soul.

As the Advisor sees a vast variety of opportunities in the world, his relationships are cultivated to carry out these opportunities. He creates these links to help him realize all these options. You never know where a contact can be used!

The problem with ENFP relationships is that there are usually too many of them. Even for him. Therefore, he may sometimes overload himself, and he may become angry and even impolite. This happens rarely and only in extreme moments, but when it happens, it may also be sudden, bad, and inappropriate. At times he may complain about the coarse behavior and rudeness of other people, although he may sometimes be excited and even aggressive in his own mannerisms. In this case, you have to try to understand him and not respond with similar aggression.

ENFP understands people’s abilities.

He uncovers their hidden talents and disadvantages. He anticipates the future behavior of people around him. He is attracted to unusual people, is interested in everything unique and mysterious. If he is fond of a new idea, he will advertise it with eagerness and become an active proponent.

ENFP is sensitive and caring. She likes to give people advice in challenging situations. She is emotional and continually needs new insights.

As stated, because of the desire to have good relationships with all people, he may become burdened with excessive contacts. The ENFP is trustworthy and can share unnecessary information during a conversation. It is characteristic for him to become disappointed in people who are sympathetic to him. He may also get too excited by different situations and be guided heavily by his mood.

With all 16 personality types, he has a different relationship and, like everyone else, these relationships can be either comfortable, neutral, or tense. Comfortable contacts are best for relaxing and closeness. For a job, the connection can be either neutral or tense. Tense relationships are not proper for close relations. They result in conflict as a result of too much interaction between opposing personality types.

For the Advisor, the closest and most convenient relationship (dual) is with The Master (ISTJ). This relationship is best suited for living together and everyday leisure. Here, the least stresses arise, and the partners do not hurt each other. They do not need to check their actions and they can be themselves. As they distribute responsibilities almost automatically, they can conserve much of their energy for new things. Differences and disputes are resolved not by compromise but by cooperation, that is, taking into account the other person and satisfying his real needs, while not contradicting one’s own interests.

For ENFP, the most intense relationship (conflict) is with the System Designer (ISTP). In this regard, tension occurs over time. If the partners are not often together, then there will be no problems. If, however, something has to be done together, then with time, each partner’s behavior becomes more confusing to the other partner. Usually, it ends with a conflict.

The best ENFP relationships for resting or interacting together – are the Mediator (ISFJ), Administrator (ESTJ), Humanist (INFP) and other Advisors (ENFP).

ENFP relationships with different personality types


Comfortable relationships

Mediator ISFJ
Administrator ESTJ
Humanist INFP
Advisor ENFP
Master ISTJ


Neutral relationships

Seeker ENTP
Enthusiast ESFJ
Educator ENFJ
Politician ESFP
Critic INTJ
Entrepreneur ENTJ


Tense relationships

Analyst INTP
System creator ISTP
General ESTP
Caretaker ISFP

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