The Idealistic Seeker

ENTP personality – The Seeker

The world simply must become a better place, after all, there are so many options!

The Seeker – ENTP personality, sees opportunities in everything, she is very skillful at coming up with new ideas. She has excellent cognitive thinking skills, and thanks to her ability to see connections, she can often surprise others with her reasoning.

She is set apart from others due to her unexpected solutions and uniqueness. That is why her ideas and the logic of her thoughts are often irrational to others. ENTP, The Seeker, however, is not bothered by that and courageously continue to generate ideas and present them to others.

ENTP personality chooses what he does according to what he like, benefits are not the most important for him. And he is interested in the many different fields! The Seeker doesn’t value his achievements very highly; instead, he is focused on improving the world.

She tends to leave the impression of tough and strong-willed individuals in new situations. The Seeker is considerate towards the weaker and often step out in their defense. It is difficult to pressure her as she takes a defensive position, and therefore, is not very lenient.

ENTP personality does not feel precisely how close she can get to other people; it is difficult for her to capture the mood and emotions of others. Therefore, it is difficult for her to approach relationships creatively, she is often too frank and sometimes even rude. At the same time, she is trusting of others and try to be equally friendly with everyone. Because the Seeker is an entrepreneurial actor but also weak at understanding other’s feelings, she will frequently encounter problems when communicating.

Being active is in his nature, but at the same time, he can leave his home without attention due to his interests and work. Also, the Seeker is not good at taking care of his health. He needs reminders that he should take care of his health and that he needs to eat well. ENTP also appreciate if someone can help him choose the right clothes that are suitable for the weather and the style.

You can’t speak to ENTP personality forcefully; instead, she appreciates good emotions and interest for her ideas. She cannot tolerate routine. It makes her mood drop as she needs emotional experiences. The Seeker find it challenging to obey in a strict order. She values comfort and security around her. It’s what she like, but she is weak at creating it, and therefore needs help from others.

ENTP personality is smart, quick-minded, and resourceful when it comes to solving different situations. He understands the trail of thought of others’ quickly and often can’t wait for them to stop talking – after all, the idea is already clear! He doesn’t like wasting time; you can rarely find him just sitting idly.

Ultimately, the world needs to be made into a better place, and the sooner, the better! Despite that, he doesn’t make it everywhere on time, but that doesn’t stop him from being there correctly when the most important things are starting to happen.

For the Seekers, it is entirely natural to move against the prevailing current, as this is precisely how they are trying to make their significant discoveries! You will never get bored with them!

– directed more towards objects than relationships.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field:                    investigative, scientific, analytical
Incentive for acting:      uniqueness, unusualness

Famous people:
Kim Basinger, Indira Gandhi, Patricia Kaas, Astrid Lindgren, Andie Macdowell, Margaret Thatcher

Charles Darwin, Lewis Carroll, John Lennon, Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Willis, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein

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