The Dreaming Poet

INFJ personality – The Poet

Use emotions to maintain traditions and for creating a brighter future.

INFJ personality – The Poet, is an easy-going, quick, and accurate person. He has strong intuition, and he makes accurate predictions for the future. He is interested in history, can see the course of events and changes over time, and therefore, he is also good at envisioning future developments.

The Poet is attentive to older people. He is romantic that is optimistic about a bright future. He is noble and, if necessary, he can wait for a long time and be forgiving. Thanks to a strong intuition, he can see the course of events in advance.

INFJ is often smiley, pleasant communicator. She loves to listen to music and to play or perform it to others. She appreciates good humor and beauty. The Poet can see the moods of others and changes in their tone also by external characteristics. Therefore, she expresses sincere condolences to those that need to be comforted. She is an emotional and charming person who can be in the right mood according to the situation.

When INFJ personality gets into a new crowd, he tries to make everyone feel comfortable and actively takes care of others. Later, when the situation already becomes usual, you will no longer see him be as caring. Nevertheless, he can continue to converse of gastronomy or about creating comforts. However, he probably does not cook or create a pleasant ambiance on a daily basis. The Poet is elegant and has good taste.

INFJ personality does not like to decide on activities. She is a little insecure and needs help from others in decision-making. She can sometimes be indecisive and in doubt. She also needs help with technical issues and in understanding, what is useful and what is not.

INFJ often needs inspiration from others to start acting. She may be very frugal in one situation, but then turn around and waste all of her money on something else, efficiency is not her strongest trait. She does not like being criticized for her activities, and her performance can be volatile at times.

INFJ personality appreciates tough and strong-willed people. If someone presents him or herself to the Poet as the owner of a territory or underlines their position, then he approaches them very openly. He is soft, indulgent, flexible, and refined. He finds it hard to resist pressure from others, which is why he respects authorities which provides specific guidance.

The Poet is grateful to those who explain her rules, laws, and formalities. If she has understood and used a specific system, then her confidence rises significantly. But at the same time, if INFJ is unable to cope with the thicket of laws and rules, she feels bad. If to develop her logical thinking at a young age, then she will feel much more confident as adults.

INFJ personality can sense the opportunities of other people exceptionally well. He can also see possibilities for events to develop in a variety of situations. He is good at adapting, but if he does not want to do something, you can hear him use expressions such as “I do not want to” or “I can’t.” He has an exquisite taste in perceiving the world.

The Poet forms relationships easily and freely, without any particular effort. With his charm, he can quickly get out of stressful situations, but in general, he does not get into these often in the first place. INFJ is kind, tactful, and attentive towards others. He tries to treat everyone equally and is good diplomats. He draws others in with his modesty and charm and knows how to be liked. Usually, he has a different approach to each. He has good manners, and his movements are graceful.

The Poet looks for opportunities to share his ideas and is open to the understanding, compassion, and support from others.

Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Suitable field:                    humanitarian
Incentive for acting:         interest for the activity

Famous people:
Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Lisa Kudrow, Mia Farrow, Annie Dillard, Virginia Woolf, J.K. Rowling, Tori Amos, Bjork, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Claudia Schiffer

William Shakespeare, Neil Diamond, J.R.R. Tolkien, Fred Savage, Franz Kafka, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Morrissey

Other abbreviations: IEI, Yesenin, NiFe

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