INFJ relationships

INFJ relationships

The INFJ is a poet and a dreaming romantic. He prefers dreaming to action, so sometimes he may be slow when he starts a new relationship. His introverted nature also influences his personality.

INFJ personality types are not particularly interested in the present moment. She is in her thoughts, mostly in the future. In dreams, she builds a beautiful, harmonious, and noble life that may not have anything to do with this moment. She is quite emotional and understands the feelings of others well. But the emotions of an INFJ can be hard for others to understand. She does not fully show her feelings and always remains a bit distant.

He views emotions in a creative way and can interpret the unexpected and misunderstood behavior of other people. For example, he may view self-restraint as unethical and fury as ethical depending on the circumstances. The INTJ has a small group of acquaintances that he has chosen for himself. If they are not the closest people to him, then they at least will have some value for him. He likes to be in tune with the emotions and feelings of his group.

INFJ feels the need to adjust to the mood of other people and, with it, the vitality of others. He considers the right emotional tuning to be essential and is convinced that without it, there is no long-term purpose in life. He values soul-level relationships.

The Poet is merciful

Although he is a romantic person, he appreciates people who display strength, purposefulness, and intellect. INFJ relationships are full of patience. INFJ understands others and always tries to forgive their mistakes.
He is known for his warm smile. In extreme situations, his weapon is the ability to quickly respond to what is happening around him with a suitable attitude. He can brighten any situation with a joke, even in close relations. He has a subtle sense of humor.

The poet is elegant in communication and maintains an attractive appearance. Her wide eyes are always open to her partner. His eyebrows are often raised in amusement. For her, elegance is a lifestyle and not simply something that she displays on special days. The INFJ style of communication is fluid and appealing. She has a good sense of style, both in the internal and external world.

Style in INFJ relationships

History – this is art history for the Poet. He likes everything that is beautiful: poetry, paintings, and people. This love of beauty manifests itself in the personal relationships of the INFJ. He also appreciates people who behave similarly – artists, poets, bohemians, and other exotic people.

The INFJ evaluates the importance of another person according to the role they play in the emotional harmony of their partnership. If his partner values the Poet’s strong emotional abilities and skills in managing feelings, then this relationship is a success.

An INFJ must feel that he can be a part of creating emotional harmony. For most of the Poets, this is a quest for balance on a personal level, in the family, or in the small workgroup. Some try to create harmony in their relationships with society as a whole, if not in the present moment, then certainly in their futures.


The Poet is sensitive and vulnerable. His wounds are not very deep. He is knowledgeable and lives inside of his mind. He seeks to gain new experience and to learn more about the world. The more sensitive the person, the more he is receptive to information from that person.

INFJ relationships are tools for a better understanding of himself and the world. Therefore, the Poet may sometimes feel that old relationships no longer satisfy him. He will try to get rid of them because they no longer provide him with self-development.

Good communicator

The INFJ has few problems with his personal relationships. He speaks and behaves in an appropriate manner. He is a great organizer and can guide the activities of large groups of people. He can regulate and maintain the relationships within the group and create the right mood. Due to the skillful and subtle management of his emotions, he may seem intriguing – but this is not his goal. On the contrary, he aims for harmony in relations.

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