INFP careers to avoid

INFP careers to avoid

INFP careers to avoid – what jobs are not recommended for the Humanist? As his weak functions are logic and sensing, it is best for the INFP to avoid careers that require these traits. Work that involves the need to comply with strict formalities would not be suitable. Also, work requiring strong character, such as military service, robust and contact sports, and political leadership, are best avoided by the INFP.


INFP is delicate and vulnerable. He is struggling to overcome conflicts and misunderstandings. The Humanist is scrupulous, and he does not want to be a cumbersome person. He does not like to act for a long time alone and needs other people’s attention. Because he tends to stick to details, he can often become overwhelmed.

It is difficult for the INFP to assess the quality of their work and the time spent on tasks. Because he is trustworthy and sincere, he often suffers from others exploiting his goodness. The INFP is somewhat demanding. He usually does not have enough entrepreneurial spirit, and he is inert in his behavior. He is not interested in any area that is not interesting to him personally.

 INFP careers to avoid are those that require:

  • Entrepreneurship and initiative in activities
  • Decisive behavior in extreme situations
  • Assertiveness and pulling oneself together
  • Organizational abilities

The Humanist is not suited to creating systems and solving complex logical tasks. He may, however, successfully explain some of these tasks, but it is difficult for the INFP to do this for extended periods of time. Also, he is not fit for work that requires continuous compliance with rules and laws.

Like the Analyst, the INFP also does not like force and violence. She is somewhat weak in her use of force and will, so authoritarian leadership over other people is not his style. The practical field is not her strength, but humanitarian work is still a good fit for her.

Work related to mechanics, machinery, and complex logic – these are INFP careers to avoid. He appreciates the benefits, but he is weak in the organizational skills involved with these roles. Therefore, an entrepreneurial activity aimed at earning income is not appropriate for him.

The INFP should adhere to his nature and choose occupations that require precise and subtle communication with other people with high morals. If his field of activity is too materially focused, he will face difficulties. He is best suited for the humanitarian area.

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