INFP careers

INFP careers

INFPs have strong intuition and feeling; therefore, INFP careers should include jobs that require these qualities. The Humanist is well-versed in human relationships. He strives for his improvement and is interested in moral and philosophical fields. The INFP is able to assess the capabilities of other people. He is patient and understanding. In the name of peace, he is ready to make a compromise. He takes people as they are, can forgive their weaknesses, and does not use power to influence them.

The INFP understands the intense emotions of other people. When someone is upset, he tries to calm her down and give advice. He can patiently wait until the person calms down if giving advice does not help. He likes to act carefully and thoroughly. The Humanist is conscientious and accurate. He strives for humanity and justice.

INFP careers

The INFP is an excellent fit within the humanitarian field. He is well suited for work that requires understanding different values ​​- ethics, aesthetics, and morale. He knows goodness and evil, beauty, truth, and love. He is well suited for art, religion, philosophy, and psychology. The Humanist is interested in everything related to social relationships and people.

INFP is suited for work related to personal development. He is an excellent teacher and can pass on values to other people. Although he is introverted, he likes to communicate with many people. He is dedicated to teaching others the highest values – a high moral worldview and ideals.

INFP careers – he is well suited for psychotherapy, as well as educational work with children and adults. He can successfully apply himself where there is a need to solve ethical problems. He can also do this creatively, using arts and culture. He is fit for work in theater, the film industry, and entertainment. He can also apply his humanitarian inclinations by writing articles and books.

Suitable work for INFP

The Humanist strengths are ethics and intuition. These are the features they should use most frequently in day to day work. They often succeed as psychologists, clergymen, educators, assistants, or journalists. They excel at working with children in nursery schools, hobby groups, and childcare facilities.

Examples of appropriate jobs 

  • philosophy and humanities
  • photography
  • teacher in the humanitarian field
  • preschool teacher
  • education advisor
  • librarian
  • recruitment consultant
  • human resource managers
  • training specialist
  • conciliator
  • sociologist
  • psychologist: individual and family counselling, psychotherapy, psychological testing
  • spiritual mentor, clergyman
  • social worker
  • philosophy and humanities
  • copywriter
  • creative director
  • long-term planning
  • inventor
  • observer
  • reporter
  • playwright
  • writer, poet
  • actor
  • musician, composer
  • designer
  • animator

The full description of INFP

  • Your inherent strengths and weaknesses
  • How to behave according to your traits
  • How to get energy from activities instead of being drained
  • Which activities are suited to your personality type
  • How to interact with others
  • How to get rid of “masks” and restore a natural and happy state
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