INTJ careers to avoid

intj careers to avoid

INTJ Careers to avoid – what jobs are not recommended for the Critic? His weak functions are ethics and sensation, therefore it is best for an INTJ to avoid jobs that are emotionally stressful and require active interaction with people.

The INTJ does not fit a job that requires understanding small details at the present moment. People with INTJ personalities tend to see the bigger picture and future perspectives. It is also not recommended that an INTJ take on jobs that require subtle and precise hand movements. The Critic is not a good fit for work that requires subtle use of the senses. Therefore, jobs such as chef, sound engineer, and wine taster are not suitable for an INTJ.

Activities that require the creation of security and convenience are not their strong point. Therefore it is best for the INTJ to avoid roles that require organizing festive events.

They are not authoritative figures. Hence jobs that call for taking a strong stance and protecting territory are not suitable for them. They are happiest accepting orders from those in authority. They face difficulty when leading, managing, assembling, and meeting obstacles. The INTJ prefers to work alone rather than as part of a group.

INTJ careers to avoid – activities that require refined communication. Similarly other unsuitable roles include those that require finesse and political acumen. The INTJ personality type is sensitive to excessive emotions. Therefore he should avoid the field of social services. Jobs that require direct care for others, including offering moral and emotional support, is not preferable for an INTJ.

The INTJ personality is not geared toward influencing crowds and winning them over with ideas.

He is still an investigator type. Hence his strength is the management of ideas. The INTJ is entrepreneurial. They are critical and question everything around them. They need to understand the facts to make things clear to themselves.

INTJ careers to avoid – jobs that require:

  • Promptness in actions
  • Courage and determination in extreme situations
  • Care and hospitality
  • Emotional sympathy
  • Great practicality and mobility
  • Sensitivity, fine tuning to a partner
  • Qualities of “resistance”
  • Compliance and softness in fundamental issues

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