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INTJ careers to avoid

intj careers to avoid

INTJ Careers to avoid – what jobs are not recommended for the Critic? As his weak functions are sensorics and ethics, then it is not good to choose a job that requires the possession of these properties. Work that is emotionally stressful and requires active interaction with people is not suitable.

INTJ does not fit a job that requires understanding small details at the present moment. It is more typical for him to see the general picture and future perspectives. It is also not recommended to work with subtle and precise movements with hands. The Critic does not fit into the work that requires the subtle use of the senses. So, for example, jobs like a chef, a sound engineer, a wine taster, etc. are not suitable.

They are not reliable in activities that require the creation of security and convenience. Organizing holidays and mood events are not their strongest side. Therefore, it is better to avoid works that expect this quality.

They are not influential in their willpower. Therefore, all jobs that require maintaining the position and protecting the territory are not suitable for them. At the same time, they are happy to accept the orders of those types that have strong authority. They have the difficulty of subjugating others to their intentions, managing, assembling and meeting obstacles together. They like to act more alone.

INTJ careers to avoid – activities, which requires refined communication. Unsuitable are also jobs that require the high demand for moral,  politesse and ethics. She is sensitive to excessive emotions, and therefore, the activities with a lot of feelings are not suitable. Activities that fall into the social field could be avoided. Jobs where care should be taken directly for people, offering them moral and emotional support is not preferable.

It is also inappropriate for an occupation where one has to influence the crowd and infect them with ideas.

He is still an investigator type, whose strength is the control of ideas. Although he is entrepreneurial, he is quite critical of everything and needs facts to make things clear to himself.

INTJ careers to avoid – jobs that require:

  • Promptness in actions
  • Courage and determination in extreme situations
  • Care and hospitality
  • Emotional sympathy
  • Great practicality and mobility
  • Sensitivity, fine tuning to a partner
  • Qualities of “resistance”
  • Compliance and softness in fundamental issues

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