INTJ careers

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INTJs have strong intuition and logic; therefore, INTJ careers should include jobs that require these features.

INTJs are economical, conscientious, and careful about their work. They are erudite, well-read, and consider many different ideas. They have a strong intuition with which they can anticipate future events. They can thoroughly evaluate risks and often advise others on how to be careful and avoid unexpected and unpleasant situations. They have a good sense of humor and they appreciate good jokes.


By their very nature, they are skeptics. They see everything that is counter-productive and imperfect in this world. They are often dubious and may be unstable at times.

INTJs are cautious and indecisive in new initiatives. They do not like to rush, and they are reluctant toward people who rush. They can be rigid and stubborn if they are confident about their ideas. Usually, they prove that they are right through establishing facts. They do not like to obey authority figures.

INTJ careers

Recommended activities for them are scientific and research activities, programming, mathematics and physics, macroeconomics, in-depth analysis of challenging problems, risk analysis, expertise, and forecasting, as well as philosophy, history and archeology, archiving, and library work.

INTJs can see what has been valuable in the past and know how to use it in an even better form in the future. They are well-suited to work in which technology must be deployed and used on a daily basis, whether it be computers or other devices.

Thanks to their strong intuition, they can see opportunities and do not miss out on anything. They are suited to work that requires ingenuity, innovation, and the ability to approach situations from a new angle. Their strong logical thinking helps them to understand different relationships and understand complex analytic problems quickly.

Because of their introverted nature, they are not active communicators. Therefore, they are also suitable for work in which they must act entirely independently. They can do very well and be successful on their own.

Suitable job titles for the INTJ include economist, forecaster, accountant, and developer of new technologies.

INTJ careers examples

  • programming
  • mathematics, physics
  • macroeconomics
  • analysis of complex problems
  • risk analysis
  • planning, forecasting
  • philosopher
  • historian
  • archaeology
  • archivist
  • library work
  • computer systems
  • development and research specialist
  • finding new markets
  • biologist
  • economist
  • science
  • jeweler
  • work at an antique store
  • marketing
  • system analyst
  • financial analyst
  • architect
  • writer
  • critic
  • inventor

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