INTP personality - The Analyst

INTP personality – The Analyst

The world is a place for harmony, and there are many ways for achieving this!

INTP personality is an analytical person with strong logic. He understands the nature and essence of things, and he can always bring out the most important and point to what isn’t matter. She expresses herself clearly and accurately, though she can put many thoughts into a single sentence. INTP personality actions are based on justice and harmony. He is principled and will not change his principles, even when communicating with loved ones.

Understanding law, diagrams, and various structures are his strength, and INTP is willing to spend a lot of time to comprehend them. She likes order and discipline, but it should be based on conscience. INTP personality is self-reliant and strives for independence.

Activities that are related to investigation, diagnosis, and systematization are suitable for INTP. While he can see the essence of things apparently, he is always open to new alternative possibilities. She feels and uses these new opportunities if this fits with his understanding of the world. At the same time, he is cautious and is good at sensing risks.

When INTP personality meets new people, he is courteous, attentive, and follow the etiquette precisely. In his dealings with others, she is flexible and wants to behave correctly and humanely towards everyone. When the topic of conversation is not attractive, INTP tries to leave. She values her time and does not want to waste it. He doesn’t like to talk too much about himself and can, therefore, seem withdrawn to others.

INTP personality doesn’t like if something is said about his appearance or status, even if the opinion is positive. She doesn’t tolerate violence, and she finds it hard to stand up to forceful pressure. Also, she does not endure nagging, restrictions on freedom, and impertinent demands. In such cases, he can be frank and uncompromising. He does not like competition.

INTP personality enjoys the fun and emotional people and feels himself well in their company. However, even then, she leaves a calm or even cold impression in these situations. He let the emotions of others influence himself, and he doesn’t tolerate it when other peoples’ mood swings too rapidly and widely from one extreme to another.

She is grateful when someone provides comfort for her, this is what she would like to see around her, but she is weak at creating a pleasant environment. INTP personality is also happy to accept it if others try to care for his health.

INTP operate intelligently and purposefully. She knows what is useful and profitable, and happily share this advice with others, but she often does not behave the same way herself. He is skilled in planning and putting together budgets, he is organized in his activities and has vast knowledge.

INTP personality is accurate, even punctual person, who senses schedules of tasks very well. She understands historical processes well and can communicate them to others. He does not like to talk for extended periods, especially chit-chat, he appreciates the time and the effectiveness of his activities. INTP do not want to rush, but if something has to be done at the right time, then she is quick to produce results. INTP personality is exciting conversation partner who is considerate towards others.

Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Suitable field:                    investigative, scientific, analytical
Incentive for acting:      interest for the activity

Famous people:
Martina Navratilova, Jodie Foster, Julia Stiles, Joan Lunden, Annie Clark, Ashley Olsen, Jane Austen, Maria Shriver, Veronica Hamel

John F. Kennedy, Tony Blair, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Elvis Costello, Bobby Fischer, Russell Crowe, Lance Amstrong

Other abbreviations: LII, Robespierre

The full description of INTP

  • Your inherent strengths and weaknesses
  • How to behave according to your traits
  • How to get energy from activities instead of being drained
  • Which activities are suited to your personality type
  • How to interact with others
  • How to get rid of “masks” and restore a natural and happy state
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