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INTP Careers to avoid – what jobs are not recommended for the Analyst? On the surface, he may seem like an excellent communicator in new situations. In roles requiring excessive communications, INTP energy will decrease and he will descend into contemplation or logical discussion.

INTP does not feel the subtleties of conversations. He starts from specific patterns in different situations and faces difficulty in adapting to rapidly changing communication.

Therefore, the INTP should avoid roles that require frequent communication. He works well with the necessary work-related information but will be in trouble if precise emotional tuning is needed.

As an introvert, he is not a good public speaker. The INTP must prepare a thorough presentation ahead of time in order to be successful in public speaking. This preparation will allow him to give a thoughtful and comprehensive speech.

INTP is not suited for roles that involve working with emotional instability. Any occupation where strong emotions are required is unsuitable for the INTP. Working with noisy children may be painful to him.

Workplaces that require the use of precise and exquisite senses are not suitable for the INTP. He can prepare food, but he tends to stick to recipes he knows well and does so strictly according to the recipe. It’s hard for him to use senses creatively and prepare food with fine, delicious flavors.

INTP does not like violence – just like the INFP. He cannot hold his position, protect his territory, and firmly establish himself. His perception of these activities is based solely on personal experience and, therefore, he cannot successfully defend himself. In an emergency, he may occasionally use excessive self-determination, but as a rule, he will not be able to do so without hurting others.

INTP careers to avoid – activities that are associated with strong influence, conquering territory, and fierce competition.

It is not appropriate for an INTP to do work that requires formalization, image design, or anything related to objects’ external design.

INTP careers to avoid – jobs that require:

  • Great practicality and mobility
  • Sensitivity, fine tuning to a partner
  • A lot of interaction
  • Qualities of “resistance”
  • Compliance and softness in fundamental issues

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