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INTP’s world is like a connection-filled structure. Its natural parts are rules, laws, and logical thinking. Therefore, INTP careers should be related to his sharp intelligence.

Suitable occupations for INTP are jobs that require the ability to see connections and to compare different things logically.

She sees harmony all over the world with a precise balance. For the INTP, everything is interconnected. He is trying to achieve such a world through his strong intuition. In the case of the INTP, this intuition is directed outwards to objects.

Thanks to this intuitive thinking, he can see a big picture, along with a lot of different options. Intuitively, he has many options to achieve his goal. He is also able to choose the best of all of these options.

INTP careers should include occupations where it is necessary to generate different ideas and then analyze the most suitable variant. They can, by being introverted themselves, process a considerable amount of information in a short timeframe and then make it understandable to others.

The INTP is also able to see the potential of other people – how they could best be implemented. At the same time, their career should not involve much interaction. Verbal communication is not their strong point.

INTP careers are not primarily aimed at gaining a profit. This does not mean that they will not be able to earn a profit. On the contrary, they are strong in this aspect. They just do not consider it to be the most important part of a job and they do not talk much about it. For an INTP, exploration, new ideas, and a degree of harmony in the world are the most important factors in their work.

INTP careers may include jobs involving planning and adherence to deadlines. She has a keen sense of timing. Effectiveness is essential and small talk is not useful to her.

Suitable fields are scientific-research work and analytical operations (analysis of complex phenomena and objects). The INTP will be successful in the practical implementation of new ideas. They work well everywhere where systematic analysis, compilation of schemes, classification, and further development is needed.

INTP careers list  

  • scientist, scientific worker
  • computer systems specialist
  • engineer-consultant
  • astronomer
  • programmer
  • university lecturer
  • university curriculum designer
  • lawyer
  • management consultant
  • strategic planning specialist
  • inventor
  • business plan developer
  • administrator
  • psychologist, psychiatrist, diagnosis giver
  • judge
  • political observer
  • writer-journalist
  • manager

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  • How to behave according to your traits
  • How to get energy from activities instead of being drained
  • Which activities are suited to your personality type
  • How to interact with others
  • How to get rid of “masks” and restore a natural and happy state
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  1. Lauren June 23, 2020 at 1:11 am - Reply

    I took the Perzonality test because I told myself I was actually going to answer every single question accurately, not how I “want” to see myself, so I could actually read something that describes me perfectly. So I did and WOW, this is spot on!! I’m so glad I took time out of my day to read about myself – praising the ‘good’ and becoming aware of the ‘could do better’s.