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Tests are fashionable, we all want to know more about us. One of the oldest tests to measure human psyche is an IQ test. Researchers already did the first tests at the beginning of the 20th century, and since then they have been continually improved.

Often people do not understand correctly, why they just do tests. Throughout the century, human intellectual abilities have been measured by performing an IQ test. At the end of the century, people became aware of Daniel Goleman’s book and that there is still another intelligence, namely the EQ.

What is the difference between the IQ test and the EQ test?

The IQ test measures human logic thinking ability, while the EQ test shows us the strength of the emotional part of the psyche. Both are part of human psychology, thus showing the different qualities of a same person. It is not possible to be naturally strong at the same time in both field. Why is this so and do these two tests cover all human psyche? To understand this, we need to view a larger image.

Information metabolism

Just as our physical body needs food for development and action, our psyche needs nutrition too. And this food for the psyche is information. We all receive some information, process it, and finally, we use it already in the form of “digested” food. All this process is called the metabolism of the information.

Just as there are different foods available for the physical body, there is also a different kind of food in the form of information for a fine mental body. C.K Jung discovered during his long practice that the psyche of different people has certain regularities. He named these manifestations as follows:

• Sensing
• Thinking
• Feeling

In fact, they are nothing more than how we handle different information. Jung added to this also the introversion and extroversion aspects. All this means that all the parts of human psyche mentioned above may be either introverted or extroverted.


In this way, we get eight aspects of information:

Introverted intuition – time, next, past, future, development, ever, forecast, history, tradition, generation, plan, accuracy, process, strategy, rate, rhythm, slow down, accelerate, break, duration, rush

Extraverted intuition – possibilities, abilities, foresight, uncertainty, sudden, ambiguous, core, integral, invention, vision, someone, unusual, choice, discovery, hypothesis, openness, content, purity, simplicity

Introverted sensing – harmony, present, health, attribute, comfort, pleasure, feeling, pleasure, satisfaction, coziness, aesthetics, me, colors, warm, tasty, hard, smell, safe, enjoyment, soft

Extroverted sensing – power, effect, appearance, will, desire, beauty, mass, mobilization, force, tactic, territory, shape, color, lot, energy, willpower, goal, victory, pressure, belief, elegance, skill, wealth

Introverted thinking – system, analysis, instruction, structure, classification, parameter, law, rule, synthesis, connection, understanding, right, obligation, more, less, detail, theory, position, graph

Extroverted thinking – technique, list, function, action, act, fact, profit, business, method, tool, purpose, efficacy, price, value, movement, behavior, machine, reasonable, production

Introverted feeling – sympathy, antipathy, disgust, affection, feeling, equality, dignity, morale, ethics, humanity, religion, hatred, friendship, honesty, diplomacy, compassion, forgiveness

Extroverted feeling – emotion, laughter, crying, enthusiasm, romanticism, worry, panic, joy, sadness, ecstasy, impression, mood, fanaticism, survival, anger, disappointment, passion, stroke, envy, exaggeration

These eight sections form all the information that surrounds us. All people use only a specific part of this vast information field and do it all differently. We “digest” it, and apply it dissimilarly. It follows from this the plurality of opinions and disagreement that creates a lot of tension in communication and relationships.

IQ test and EQ test

From the information above, it’s now easy to understand what the IQ test and EQ test measure. The IQ test mainly deals with introverted thinking and to some extent with extroverted thinking, that is, only one sector in the entire human psyche and information field. Similarly is just a part of the whole the EQ test, which focuses mainly on introverted and extroverted feeling. To help us to see a larger picture, we can use tests such as Socionics and MBTI.

IQ test

In conclusion

The 16 personality test cover all eight aspects of information, or 100%, and gives a complete picture from our personality. The 16 personality tests tells us do we have a stronger IQ or EQ. However, to find out how strong our logical thinking is compared to other people, we need an IQ test.

by Virko Kask

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