The Creator of Harmony


Nice times, good food, and comfort – these require exceptional and fun company!

ISFJ personality – the Mediator, is a gentle and charming person. He loves everything that pleasures the senses – good food, beautiful music, pleasant aromas. Mediator appreciates the convenience and always create it around him. He likes to take care of his health, and he provides this also for his acquaintances and friends. The Mediator is elegant and courteous, it is in his nature to take care of others, and he is excellent at it. He knows how not to go overboard; he is moderate and value rest. Financial security is important to him, and he aspires towards it in his actions.

ISFJ personality is the soul of the party; she can create a pleasant atmosphere and appreciate a good company with sweet music and great food. She knows how to find pleasure from daily activities, but at the same time, she is peaceful and well-balanced. The Mediator is a diplomat, she knows how to communicate with whom, and because of this, she recognizes the mood around her well.

When ISFJ encounter an unfamiliar situation, he will try to plan his activities. For him, it is important not to rush and flutter, because he doesn’t want to confuse. He is not the best at planning his time; he often spends more time on activities than intended. That is why he usually fail at long‑term projections.

ISFJ personality does not enjoy making others do things, if something needs to be done, she prefers to take care of it herself. She is also not fond of hard physical activity and stamina is not her strongest trait. As the Mediator is interested in benefits, then dull work, which does not bring profit, is unpalatable to her. She appreciates facts and to prove something, that is why she does not like inaccuracies and exaggerations.

The Mediator is trusting towards other people, but he is unsure about the future because he is not able to see opportunities. He likes to read science fiction, and they gladly embrace the ideas of others.

Everything that concerns laws and formalities is difficult for the Mediator, and he needs help with this. In situations in which there exist a system and specific rules, he very much appreciates smart people, who can understand these complexities and can find a way out.

ISFJ personality does not respond to intense pressure. If it is necessary to solve complex situations with him, it is better to approach things calmly and ethically. However, the Mediator can defend his realm very actively; he does not let strangers into his territory.

Mediator builds relationships with ease, she knows when to use her charm, but she doesn’t open herself up immediately. Her actions are smooth and elegant; she behaves like a real diplomat.

Because they are very attentive and caring towards others, you do not hear criticism from them. In a company, they keep to the center, but at the same time, they can always create a pleasant atmosphere. Being in the same crowd as them is excellent!

Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field:                    social
Incentive for acting:      welfare, pay, good standard of living

Famous people:
Demi Moore, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Brooke Shields, Barbara Streisand, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga

Paul McCartney, John Travolta, George Lucas, Kevin Costner, Liberace, Steven Spielberg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake

Other abbreviations: SEI, Dumas, SiFe

The full description of ISFJ

  • Your inherent strengths and weaknesses
  • How to behave according to your traits
  • How to get energy from activities instead of being drained
  • Which activities are suited to your personality type
  • How to interact with others
  • How to get rid of “masks” and restore a natural and happy state
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