ENTJ – The Resourceful Doer – Complete Description eBook


Complete Personality Type Description



This book will guide you through the complex topic of your psyche and will help you understand it in a simple way.

You will find out which characteristics are inherent to the ENTJ personality type and what are your strengths and weaknesses. How to be more successful in your ventures and how to interact with others. In addition, you will find a lot of guidance on how to apply that knowledge in your life.

It is like discovering yourself, meeting a new, or indeed, an old acquaintance, because we have often forgotten who we really are. This book gives you the tools and from there it only depends on you whether you want to meet yourself again and feel the natural ease and joy that you felt as a child.

There are more than 200 pages (PDF version) of theory and descriptions of your qualities, many illustrative materials, diagrams, graphs, and tables.