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My name is Virko Kask. I have lived a colourful life, and 50 years has taught me that people get the greatest satisfaction when they can help and serve others.

Many of us are on a path of self-discovery to find ourselves and to understand that which surrounds us. On this journey of ours, we sometimes fall and sometimes rise up – this road is not easy, but when we sincerely try to understand the world, ourselves, and others, we will get closer and closer to the truth.

The Key

As a young man, I had to attend the military, and I was sent to Georgia. I come from a small European country called Estonia and my native language is Estonian. During the 2 years that I spent in the army, I had to adapt to an environment with a foreign language, and where people from dozens of different nationalities were put together.

I saw, how different people, their culture, and their understanding of the world can be. At the same time, I realised that if you find the right “key”, then two people with a completely different background can understand each other fully. I was very interested in what this key was, but unfortunately, at that point, I couldn’t yet answer that question.


I studied to be a teacher at university and for many years, I didn’t understand how to use it in my life. Now I have realised that I simply didn’t have the right knowledge to teach and to pass on to others.

The East

Life took me on a journey of self-discovery and after deep crises, I started to acquire new knowledge. I was exposed to the Vedic world, I visited India and studied ancient Vedic culture and psychology. I listened to a lot of different teachers and obtained a degree in Bhakti Sastri at Bhaktivedanta College.

Vedic psychology teaches us to see life from a completely different viewpoint compared to the Western approach to the world. If in the West everything is temporary, and we live in a constant race, then ancient knowledge will help us zoom out. We will begin to see the eternity of life and that everything is guided by a higher intelligence.

The West

I have continued my search for the “key” to better understand myself, and especially relationships with others. Life led me to an interesting science, called socionics, which explains exactly what I’ve been looking for. As I have become fluent in Russian because of the environment I have lived in, I have had the opportunity to learn from the leaders of their field at the Scientific Research Socionics Institute in Moscow.


As an analytical truth-seeker, I like to find harmony. Therefore, I believe that we only gain a comprehensive picture of the world, if we have the skills to join the different parts together. This is precisely why I do not seek differences, but on the contrary – the common element.

 For me, connecting the Western and the Eastern philosophies is an exciting task. Our life in the West is aimed at achievements and rapid pleasures, which is why most of the theories and inventions here are aimed at fulfilling this purpose. All this is very effective and interesting, but often something remains missing.

Scientists are critical of idealists and of phenomena that cannot be “proven”. In a similar fashion, spiritual people tend to ignore materialistic people. I believe that such an attitude is not necessary. On the contrary, we will obtain the best results if we are able to integrate the different worldviews.

This requires tolerance, wisdom, humility, understanding, and other virtuous qualities. And this is exactly what we should develop in ourselves.

Knowledge of the subtle body of human psychology, of which it is composed of, and how to develop relationships with different people is what truly fascinates me. This is where I see my opportunity to help others and to serve them.

I hope you will find here a lot of interesting and useful for the personal development and for improving your relationships!

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  1. Gregory Potts
    Gregory Potts July 2, 2020 at 6:46 am - Reply

    this is very comforting to read
    I like what you are saying
    one of my favourite books is Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance which plays with the east meets west science vs romanticism
    Thanks for your insight