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The Resourceful Doer

The Resourceful Doer

One should act in a meaningful and time-efficient manner!

Resourceful actors (RD) are entrepreneurial people that always know what is beneficial, what is wise to do and what is not. These are hard-working people that are happy to work on things that are profitable. They are curious and use novel methods in their ventures. They are attracted to facts, real stories with people, processes, and efficiency. They see the usefulness and prospectiveness of new plans. Suggest unconventional solutions to enhance efficiency or improve technology. They are always interested in the cost of projects and things.

These are fast and ascetic people; it seems that they are constantly in motion. Love accuracy and adherence to time commitments. They are good planners that value development, speed of doing things, pace, and the correct rhythm. They have good instincts for capturing the right moment to act. Their motto is: “Time does not wait!”. They feel passage of time well and find it unacceptable to fall behind schedule. Very dynamic, mobile, and active people – not everyone is able to keep up with their intense work schedule. They are impatient and can criticise others for their wrong use of time.

In company, they look happy and lively, often have a smile on their faces at meetings. However, the smile will disappear when they get to the point as they take their job very seriously. Generally, they are quite emotional and impatient but have an optimistic attitude towards life.

They don’t like to treat themselves, and if possible, wait until the last moment to go to the doctor. At the same time, they like to keep fit, and their opinion is that “Health should not infringe with mood!”. They do not like to talk or think about time off or about comforts – these issues cause them discomfort. If necessary, they can live in very ascetic conditions without any comforts. Even if they face difficulties, they will not complain to others. Can sometimes dress carelessly and do not tolerate when someone pays attention to their appearance.

RDs like to hear about relationships as they are interested in how people feel about each other. They are very willing to listen when someone touches on these topics. However, they do not like monkey business and deceit, prefer arrangements that are mutually beneficial. They orientate badly in human relationships, can sometimes be tactless, which is why they enjoy taking advice on how to behave.

They respect strong and remarkable people. Use firm will and strength extremely rarely, they don’t resist and subject to discipline. They do not like to listen to others’ opinions about their appearance, and if they manage to be leaders in some situations, then it affects their self-esteem very positively.

Understand laws and rules well and follow them, subconsciously expect that others also adhere to laws. They may be punctual followers of guidelines or the exact opposite – very radically and demonstratively express their disagreement. In this case, they might use succinct and clear statements, such as: “I do not understand!”, “I do not agree!”, “I don’t think so!”, “It doesn’t make sense!”, and so on.

They can see different opportunities well and choose the best option. They organize things to maximize earnings without being too vocal. They strive for clarity and accuracy in what they do. RDs do not like to act blindly without preparation, so they plan their ventures well in advance. They know how to take risks.


Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Rationalist – one goal, a lot of methods for achieving it.

Suitable field: investigative, analytical, scientific
Incentive for acting: active cooperation

Famous people:
Nancy Reagan, Candice Bergen, Katharine Hepburn, Cobie Smulders, Tea Leoni, Charlize Theron

Bill Gates, John Kennedy, Isaac Newton, Jim Carrey, Richard Nixon, Steve Martin, George Clooney, Michael Douglas

Other abbreviations: ENTJ, LIE, Jack London, TeNi

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