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The Diligent Protector

The Diligent Protector

Use your willpower to create the right relationships.

Diligent protectors (DP) are people with high moral that are interested in human relations. They see in detail what is going on between others, and they like to talk about it. Their views of human equality, morality, and conscience are well established and are difficult to change. They respect traditions and know how to keep them alive. Notice the shortcomings of others and can make sharp comments, but more often, they do it with their tone of voice and with their expressions rather than with words. They meet good with good and evil with evil, and these people also have a tendency to group people as being part of the inner circle or outside of it.

DPs have strong enough will power, which means that they are able to keep relationships the way that suits them. They are also willing to use their position or more forceful methods to build necessary relationships. These are hard-working people that are happy to get involved in getting things into order when necessary. Their appearance is groomed, their clothes are usually decent, nice, and clean. They stand out for their strong self-control, know how to protect themselves and their loved ones. When they are pressurised, they readily show aggression.

In new situations, they try to familiarise themselves with local laws and regulations, and then demonstrate that they value and adhere to them. However, they are unable to approach different systems in a creative way and are rather pedantic at following instructions.

DPs try to avoid situations where they have a number of options as they prefer precision and clarity. If they have to choose between several options (which also means that something has to be abandoned), then it is very difficult for them. They are distrusting and don’t like constant changes. They struggle with identifying people’s individual abilities, so they have a tendency to make equal moral demands to everyone. DPs do not like when someone talks about their characteristics, in particular, because they are not sure in their own abilities.

They like to listen to explanations of how different technologies work, how to perform a variety of activities and they especially take in information that is based on specific facts. They are weak at developing methodologies for activities but force themselves to act even in uninteresting times if it is useful. They often like to haggle and they dislike loans. They can’t stand negligence and poorly executed work, they require that others follow the methods that have previously been proven to work. If the activities do not give a benefit or are not based on previous facts, then DPs do not take those seriously.

Always try to complete things for deadlines. They like to be far-sighted and to stock up on necessary things in advance. If they need to go somewhere, they prepare thoroughly in advance and usually arrive on time. They carry out initiated activities with care and persistence. They are consistent in their habits and affections. Dress conservatively, preferring classic style instead of ultra-modern.

Although DPs are generally balanced, they may exhibit short-term use of strong emotions in order to achieve their goals. Typically, they do this if they want to limit something – for example, if they no longer want to do something, or if they  need to stop someone. Then they can use expressions such as: “Calm down!”, “Don’t raise your voice!”, “Don’t be sad!”, and so on. Generally, they are quite susceptible and sensitive to emotions.

DPs like to participate in creating order and moving furniture around at home or at work, and they do it without too much ado. They can sense their own health and that of others well, and take care of it automatically in case of need. They like to take care of themselves and others, and it does not require a special effort or big words from them. If a diligent protector sees that somebody is feeling cold, they just take a blanket and quietly put it around them.

Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Suitable field: social sector
Incentive for acting: economic welfare, wage, living standards

Famous people:
Mother Teresa, Meryl Streep, Barbara Bush, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rosa Parks, Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes

Michael Caine, George Marshall, Ronald Reagan, J.D. Salinger, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Prince Charles, Tiger Woods, Mike Pence

Other abbreviations: ISFP, ESI, Dreiser

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