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The Trustworthy Administrator

The Trustworthy Administrator

In order to ensure profits, it is crucial to create comfortable conditions!

Trustworthy administrators (TA) are active people that are oriented towards benefits and purposefulness. They can see which actions are required in order to achieve the goal. Therefore, they are not going to deal with things that are useless and do not bring them forward. These are decisive entrepreneurs that are capable of taking initiative, can clearly assess the situation, and can make practical decisions. They judge others for their professionalism and skills and are good administrators. Know how to initiate a high-quality work process and organise people’s responsibilities. TAs’ attitude towards money is rational and considerate. May criticise those that do not act with adequate quality and integrity. They do not give compliments for a job well done – they regard it as normal behaviour.

Externally, TAs have their backs straight and stand out for good posture. They know how to create a feeling of comfort and security, they like to take care of their own health and that of their loved ones. They appreciate reliability and comprehensiveness in everything and stand out for high work performance. They have a creative approach towards nutrition, health, and issues of comfort that they can change as needed. They enjoy playing with different flavours and sensations. TAs are good leaders that can successfully manage a team or run a company.

When they step into a new circle, they will have a huge smile on their face, their mood will be exceptionally good, and they will immediately begin to communicate emotionally and start making jokes. They will never get down to business before this “mandatory” introductory part is concluded. They like to take part of noisy events, make gifts, and demonstrate their positive emotions to others.

Time is a difficult issue for ATs and causes them difficulties. They are the ones that tend to use all sorts of scheduling tools to keep their daily schedule under control. They value accuracy in others, but are themselves weak in it. They respond badly when deadlines change or if something takes more time than planned. So therefore, they try to plan everything in advance and can arrive much sooner than necessary. Try to create traditions and are conservative in their tastes and habits. TAs do not like to wait for a long time, and they do not tolerate when they are rushed or if someone interferes with their work.

Are bad with relationships and defenceless against flattery. They do not sense whether other people are sincere or not, and therefore, may be either too confident or too distrusting. They like when others talk about how they are regarded. They do not understand if they are just given something, it always has to be explained to them, why we did it and what is our relationship to them. ATs do not like to admit their mistakes or to compromise. Neither do they tolerate criticism addressed at them even if it is just as a joke. They will often lack diplomacy in relationships.

They do not perceive potential opportunities, and therefore, often use already proven technologies and systems. Prefer not to take excessive risks. They will pass up on new opportunities if they do not have enough facts. However, if they can find a new way or an unconventional approach or solution to relationships, then their self-esteem will increase.

TAs can understand formalities and laws easily, love order and will not allow others to break it either. Pedantic even when it comes to technicalities. Prefer to play by their own rules that they themselves determine and think that following rules is a good personal characteristic. Therefore, they abide by rules and also demand it from others. If they do not like how things are going, you can hear them use expressions such as: “I don’t understand!”, “Incorrect!”, “Illegal”, “Unfair!”.

As they possess strong willpower, they will not withdraw from their position if they are pressurised. Use their status to make people follow the rules, and if necessary, use their position as a leader to achieve this. Their demonstrations of force are inherent and spontaneous, they execute these without excessive words, prefer to take action.

TAs are responsible people that are able to conduct business whilst taking care of the people that surround them.


Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Rationalist – one goal, a lot of methods for achieving it.

Suitable field: management, production
Incentive for acting: high status, prestige, awards

Famous people:
Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Uma Thurman, Courteney Cox, Ivanka Trump, Daisy Ridley, Emma Watson

Sylvester Stallone, Sherlock Holmes, Henry Ford, Alec Baldwin, Dr. Phil, Steve Ballmer, Mickey Rourke, Raymond Burr, Drew Carey

Other abbreviations: ESTJ, LSE, Stirlitz, TeSi

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