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The Conscientious Humanist

The Conscientious Humanist

In order to relate to the world and to people, one must seize the opportunities that open up!

Conscientious humanists (CH) have good interpersonal skills, they know psychology well and have good relationships with others. When creating new contacts, they are tuned to each person individually and consider their specific nature. They have a strong capacity for empathy, which is why they understand others well and know how to consider their needs. Show interest towards moral and philosophical issues, and may make concessions to achieve peace and understanding. CHs regard humanitarian and justice issues as very important.

They use their strong intuition in order to establish and maintain relationships. It also helps them determine what can be expected from people, different phenomena, and events. By using their strong psychological skills, they can find ways to get the desired result. When they see opportunities, they are flexible and choose the most appropriate path from the many possible ones.

In new situations, CHs will attempt to use logic and rely on formalities and rules. Attempt to analyse the situation and to understand hierarchy and the system. They try to figure out, how someone is related to others, and how close people are to each other. Love short and precise explanations.

CHs do not tolerate violence and take it to heart if force is used, either on themselves or on others. They do not appreciate rude behaviour or harsh words. They do not like it when people come too close to their personal zone and when their things are touched. They feel unsure about comments about their appearance or clothing and don’t understand why others talk about these in the first place.

They like to perform tasks which have well-defined methodology and details for execution. Gladly accept advice regarding technological tips. They enjoy diligence and thoroughness in all activities. They are precise and finish all their tasks with patience. They struggle with evaluating the quality of their activities, often get stuck in details.

CHs can forget their vital needs and can cope with very limited resources. Therefore, it is good if someone can help surround them with comforts and a sense of security and takes care of their health. They happily accept help in these matters.

They feel emotions deeply and can experience events very painfully. In truly difficult situations can also explode. When they are met with abusive or unfair accusations, they can limit available information. They can easily sense lies when someone’s words and intonation do not match, and in that case, they only listen to the tone of voice.

CHs are accurate people that usually do not run late and appreciate their time; they do not like to waste time on useless things. Finish their endeavours in a timely manner and appreciate it when others don’t waste their time on empty words, and instead, use their time purposefully.

Conscientious humanists are individuals with good interpersonal skills and a big heart that know how to forgive even to their enemies. They continuously strive for something new and also help others to move towards their ideals.

Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Rationalist – one goal, a lot of methods for achieving it.

Suitable field: humanitarian field
Incentive for acting: interest for the activity

Famous people:
Oprah Winfrey, Agatha Christie, Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Connelly

Leonard Cohen, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mel Gibson, Marilyn Manson, Lars von Trier, Al Pacino, Edward Norton, David Schwimmer, George Harrison

Other abbreviations: INFJ, EII, Dostoyevsky, FiNe

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