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The Valuable Expert

The Valuable Expert

Life should be comfortable and of high quality, therefore one should act effectively!

Valuable experts (VE) are experts in areas of health, well-being, proper nutrition, and amenities. Are well aware of which products are good and are able to advise others on these issues. Their clothing is tidy, tasteful, modest, and they like pastel colours. They trust their taste, and they have a well-defined view of what is beautiful and what is not, of where harmony is present and where it’s absent. Always prefer moderation and balance. They operate effectively only if the activity brings them satisfaction, and therefore, may leave other people the impression of being lazy.

Are familiar with a variety of technologies and know how to use them to create comforts. They do not like to do more than needed, but if they have started something, then they finish these to a high technical standard. They don’t pass up on opportunities and always require fair pay for their work. Try not to engage in unnecessary and aimless activities, they know how to behave intelligently and usefully. Use new ideas in practice and get the maximum benefit from them. They are resourceful in everyday life, as well as when involved in pleasant work duties.

Usually they succeed in arriving everywhere on time, which is why they are viewed as precise individuals. In new situations, will start talking about plans and traditions, but on a daily basis, their plans are often too intense and emotionally draining. Therefore, they need help with bringing their plans and reality together. Value their time and try to conduct meetings without wasting time.

Emotionally, VEs are restrained and don’t like when others express their feelings strongly. Therefore, they are often considered unresponsive and cold, but in truth, they are quite sensitive people. They depend on their moods and emotional low periods alternate with periods when they have high capacity to work. For them, it is important to express their feelings at the right time.

They are very receptive to everything new, especially if it can be implemented to increase efficiency and comfort. They trust other people, which is why they can’t even take innocent jokes at their own expense. Respect people with expansive knowledge, good intuition, and that are able to see different options. They tend to be rather sceptical.

VEs are sensitive about how others feel about them, do not trust their feelings. They do not understand why their relationship with someone changes. Appreciate friendships, but they do not like familiarity, and if necessary, may put others to their place. They do not like lax conversations, prefer precise wording and when opinions are clearly articulated. Generally, they leave a humble impression, although they can sometimes praise themselves. Their self-esteem rises when they succeed in maintaining or creating good relationships.

They have strong willpower and find it hard to give up their position. In so doing, they do not show aggression immediately, but instead, quietly stand against the things that do not fit with their world view. They are characterized by a certain level of perseverance that carries them through different activities. May limit situations with such expressions as: “This is not my (your) territory!”, “I (you) don’t have the necessary position”.  It is hard to tell them what to do as they tend to do things as they see fit. They achieve their way even without forcing their views upon others. In dangerous situations behave in cold blood, such moments do not create fear in them, but rather a desire and commitment to put themselves to the test.

VEs are very savvy, they quickly understand logical explanations. Formalities, laws, and rules make sense to them, and they recognise logical connections and the essence of things. They do not like to carry on talking about rules for too long, prefer to show what is the right thing to do through actions.

Useful masters are strong-willed people, who love comfort and organise lives in a way that this could be achieved in the most efficient way possible.


Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field: management, production
Incentive for acting: welfare, wage, living standards

Famous people:
Agatha Christie, Jane Fonda, Judy Finnigan, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt

Chuck Norris, Ringo Starr, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Steve Jobs, Harrison Ford, Eminem, Snoop Dogg

Other abbreviations: ISTP, SLI, Gabin, SiTe

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