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The Cheerful Enthusiast

The mood has to be great – the means to that are strong health, comfort, and delicious food!

The Cheerful Enthusiasts (CE) are usually good-humoured optimists, who can always infect their company with good mood. These are open and friendly people, who readily create contacts. They sense others’ mood well and therefore, are happy to provide their emotional support. They are active communicators and emotional contact with another individual is important to them. They generally control their own bad mood well and can keep others in the dark. But if it all becomes too much, they can even get sick.

They know how to create a comfortable environment with simple means and for them, good health and delicious food are essential. CEs have good taste, they know exactly which foods are delicious and what clothes should be worn. They are great at planning vacations and usually they spend these with a wonderful group of people. They are always open to having guests, they are happy to accommodate them and are very attentive and caring towards them.

If they happen to be in an unexpected situation, they try to relentlessly find the right solution – which they will. They are doers, and they prefer to do things themselves. They have skilful hands, and they can successfully complete most tasks that can be done with using their own hands. Although they are active doers, they are still unable to assess the profitability of their actions. Often, they overvalue their capabilities and deal with too many things at once. They are generally successful in practical activities and strive towards financial security.

Planning is not the strongest side of CEs, and they can’t stand it when plans change. They are often either late or arrive too early. Also, they tend to constantly be in a hurry and are impatient. They do not like to wait on others.

Cheerful enthusiasts respect rules, but interestingly, they do not cope well with them. Therefore, they appreciate people who can explain laws, regulations, and formalities to them. Whilst HEs are actively working on projects, they can’t distinguish between the important and the irrelevant.

HEs like surprises and all that is unusual. They like smart people that can help them solve difficult situations and explain the whole picture to them. They are unsure about future options and will gladly accept ideas that concern the future. They are pleased to follow others’ ideas, but only if they are practical. HEs like to be useful to people and need someone to take care of.

Cheerful Enthusiasts are charming and delightful people that create contacts easily and that are happy to enjoy close relationships with others. They like to hug. They are critical of others’ coarse behaviour and require to be treated with respect.

CEs establish themselves with gentle means, if someone does not behave properly, they guide them relentlessly. They respect their colleagues and peers. In their daily life, they are energetic, resilient people who are able to even see good in bad and that always inspire others to take action.

Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Rationalist – one goal, a lot of methods for achieving it.

Suitable field: social
Incentive for acting: high status, recognition, awards

Famous people:
Barbara Walters, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Alyson Hannigan, Tyra Banks, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker

Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, Andy Rooney, Sam Walton, Larry King, Woody Harrelson, Hugh Jackman, Elton John, Prince William, Vin Diesel

Other abbreviations: ESFJ, ESE, Hugo, FeSi

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