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The System Deviser

The System Deviser

There must be order in everything, and to create it, one must use its position!

System devisers (SD) love order and like to follow rules and agreements. These are consistent people that generally finish everything that they have started. They like to study a variety of phenomena, to go deeply into the details, and see the connections between different things. They like to document all this, detailing the facts and writing everything down systematically. They are familiar with laws and are happy to help others understand them. In general, they see the world through whether any given situation is right or wrong. SDs can organise work well, establish order and discipline, and they also check that tasks are done.

SDs are strong-willed, decisive people, and they are difficult to stop, if they have decided something and started acting. If they are in a position where they have power or status, they will take full advantage of it to further their agenda. If they deem it necessary, they may criticize the status, appearance, or general lack of discipline of others. If SDs regard something as important, they do not compromise or make concessions. The can be impatient towards the opinions of others, and they do not tolerate being questioned. If they have developed their own methods, then they would like to see that others also use the same resources to achieve their goals.

When they encounter a new situation, or meet new people, they leave the impression of polite and pleasant people, smiling and communicating charmingly. However, they can’t always remain like that, and they have difficulty dealing with more complex relationship problems. They are relatively closed and will not willingly share their impressions with others. Often, they are also not flexible enough to tolerate the oddities of others.

They find it difficult to see opportunities opening up or the potentials of other people. This is why SDs do not often take into account the peculiarities of other individuals. They do not like instability and constant changes, they prefer it when everything runs according to a plan. It is difficult for them to choose between various things and situations, and they trust official and verified information. In order to avoid unexpected situations, they can prepare for various occasions very thoroughly, down to the last detail. The other extreme is that they do not prepare at all and just go with the flow.

As SDs are powerful logicians, they will happily take in the feelings of others and are affected by them. However, they cannot distinguish whether the other person’s emotion are genuine or not. That is why they can for example come under the influence of a laughing, crying, or an angry person and accept their message without any critique and happily fulfil their desires. In this case, they do not do that at an intellectual level, but simply because the other person’s emotions are influencing them so powerfully.

SDs gladly follow fashion and try to dress and behave in accordance with the times. They like traditions, and they will happily follow them. They will gladly act according to outlined plans, even though they themselves are not the strongest when it comes to planning. They are grateful when someone gives them fashion advice or helps them plan their activities.

System devisers rarely pose the question “what to do?”, they just act without listening to the advice that others may try to offer. They know very well where it is possible to make money and how to organize their lives. These are good organisers and executors that are hard-working and conscientious, while being demanding of themselves, as well as of those, who depend on them. They don’t generally let others interfere in their personal dealings, for them, doing things is more important than personal relationships. SDs possess knowledge, and they know how to successfully implement it in practice.

All matters relating to their health, sense of security, comfort, and aesthetics get resolved without any effort and without being given much attention. If they find the room too cool, and it is cold outside, then they just get up and close the window without paying attention to it. SDs often stand out thanks to their healthy beauty.


Introvert – directed more towards relations than to objects.
Rationalist – one goal, a lot of methods for achieving it.

Suitable field:                  management
Incentive for acting:       economic welfare, wage, living standards

Famous people:
Queen Elizabeth II, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Angela Merker, Natalie Portman

George H. W. Bush, George Washington, Richard Nixon, Jamie Hyneman, Matt Damon

Other abbreviations: ISTJ, LSI, Maxim Gorky, TiSe

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