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The Determined Winner

The Determined Winner

To achieve a high status, you must change the rules!

Determined winners (DW) have strong will power, and they are active people with great capacity to work. They are very resilient in their activities, and they appreciate beauty and glamour. For them, it is important to have certain status and power. If they are confident that they are right, they won’t retreat. They are very determined, which means that they steadily move forward without looking back. They like to be first and appreciate rewards that come with that. Often, they are the leaders who are actively taking steps to protect the interests of themselves and of “their people”. They react quickly to different situations, and they value financial well-being.

In order to achieve power and status, they create their own rules, laws, and hierarchies. However, they are able to flexibly modify these same rules if they see that these don’t bring results. This means that they can manipulate rules and keep recreating them. For them, order is important in everything, and they value adherence to agreements. DWs are strong in mathematics and physics and in everything that requires logic. They understand laws and rules well and often explain them to others. Generally, they are good organisers.

When they encounter new situation, they want to show themselves as special, unusual, and interesting. They consider themselves to have strong intuition and offer various solutions in unusual situations. Often, however, these solutions are bound by standard models. If the situation becomes more commonplace for them, then they will again start to apply their willpower and determination. They don’t generally trust new people.

DWs don’t need to be proven by words that we are such good friends, they appreciate actions more. They have difficulty with approaching relationships creatively, that’s why they enjoy clear and simple relationships without intrigues. They are frank and sensitive to honesty and promises. DWs do not tolerate authoritative tone. If you interact with them in such a way, they will use the same tactics and provide immediate resistance. If you make them angry, they will become impatient.

They try to be punctual and respect others for accuracy. They enjoy quick and easy people and they find it very charming if the person smiles and is good-humoured at the same time. They will accept help in drawing up plans for the future and are grateful when someone assists them in matters of fashion. DWs appreciate traditions and inter-generational relationships.

They are very grateful for emotional support and appreciate cheerful helpers that are able to infect others with their positivity. However, they have days, when they are emotionally unbalanced, and their performance can therefore be different. They love when others laugh at their jokes, but also feel bad when others do not appreciate their emotions.

Questions regarding health, nutrition, and living comforts will not cause them hardship. They know their way through these well and could easily make restrictions for both themselves and for others. Generally, they do not pay too much attention to their food and amenities and are content with little. They feel calm about acts of asceticism.

In situations, where it is necessary to decide “what to do?”, determined winners behave without reflection and without excessive words. If it is necessary to implement a new technology or find a way to make things more profitable, then they do it quickly and without further ado. They are energetic actors and they like big ventures. DWs are smart and goal-oriented people, who can achieve their targets without much fuss and share their benefits with others.

Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field:                    management, production
Incentive for acting:         high status, prestige, awards 

Famous people:
Madonna, Joan Cusack, Cybill Shepherd, Ann Jillian, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Camilla Parker Bowles, Mila Kunis, Miley Cyrus

Alexander the Great, Donald Trump, Jack Nicholson, Eddie Murphy, Michael J. Fox, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Alfred Hitchcock

Other abbreviations: ESTP, SLE, Zhukov, Alexander the Great, SeTi

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