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The Communicating Politician

The Communicating Politician

Using relationships is essential for achieving a good position.

Communicating politicians (CP) are strong-willed and prominent people, who have frequently been exemplary students at school. They are ambitious and regard a certain position or status as important in life. These are informal leaders, if not in reality, then at least at heart. They also judge other people based on their willpower and position. If they have decided something, then they are determined in executing it, and it’s difficult to disturb their plans. They know how to achieve their goals in life. They are bold, decisive individuals that can also exhibit aggression when their freedom is restricted.

CPs can easily create friendly relationships. At the same time, they can manipulate with relationships, being someone’s friend, or not, if necessary. Generally, they are caring and leave the impression of pleasant, charming and good communicators. They are capable of solving difficult psychological problems between people, and therefore, are also good diplomats. They like to be informed about events and to be in the spotlight themselves. If necessary, CPs can create an intimate and trusting environment. They use their charm freely and spontaneously, but not everyone will experience their trust.

They regard themselves as individuals, who have strong intuition, and in unfamiliar situations try to find a solution by relying on their gut instinct. When in new company, they leave the image of innovative, unusual and interesting people. Later, when they are more adapted, they will behave more diplomatically using their strong willpower. They only take risks after thorough consideration, but their choices in life can also change.

They find it difficult to understand rules, laws, and complex instructions. Learning languages ​​can also be difficult for them. They take it to heart if their logic or their inability to understand something is criticised. They also find it difficult to receive comments regarding maintaining order or compliance with rules.

CPs like when they are told whether it is the right time and whether a certain activity is well-timed or not. In general, they require assistance in planning, scheduling, and in maintaining a regime. They can find it hard to wake up on time. Need time to understand new technologies and to be convinced in its practicality. CPs like fast people who can foresee the course of events.

They like to do something useful and to understand how things work. If they succeed, their self-esteem rises, but they need other’s assistance in the process. Therefore, they gladly accept advice on issues concerning technology, as well as appreciate it if someone explains how to act. Sometimes, they can dive into and get stuck in negligible details.

If communicating politicians want to restrict certain activities, you can hear them use expressions such as: “this is uncomfortable”, “unpleasant”, or “unhealthy”. Preparation of delicious food is not difficult for them as they are skilful at using spices. They pay close attention to their health and their appearance, they are aesthetes and love to dress stylishly and versatilely. CPs are caring and love comfort.

They sense the overall emotional setting well. Their own emotions may be strong, momentary and can deeply affect others. That is why they will easily pass their emotions onto others and may create the respective atmosphere in their company. Generally, they are striving for a stability in moods whilst being emotionally engaging and taking care of others.


Extrovert – directed more towards objects than relationships.
Irrational – a lot of goals, single method of achieving them.

Suitable field: social sector
Incentive for acting: high status, prestige, awards

Famous people:
Elizabeth Taylor, Katy Perry, Pink, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Danielle de Niese, Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams

Napoléon Bonaparte, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Justin Bieber, Arsenio Hall, Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson, Jamie Oliver

Other abbreviations: ESFP, SEE, Napoleon, Caesar, SeFi

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